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Legal Medicine and Health Law EducationLEGAL ASPECTS OF HEALTH CAREContractsAgency and PartnershipCompetency and Capacity : A PrimerAlternative Dispute Resolution and Application to Medical DisputesSelected Health Care Statutory ProvisionsEducation and LicensureMedical Staff Peer Review in the Credentialing and Privileging of PhysiciansPhysician as Defendant in Medical MalpracticeMedical Testimony and the Expert WitnessLiability of Health Care Entities for Negligent CareMedical Product LiabilityNursing and the LawDental Litigation : Triad of ConcernsAntitrustCrimes by Health Care ProvidersCountersuits by Health Care ProvidersHealth Insurance and Professional Liability InsuranceRisk ManagementMEDICOLEGAL AND ETHICAL ENCOUNTERSPhysician-Patient RelationshipConsent to and Refusal of Medical TreatmentMedical Records and Disclosure about PatientsTelephone Contact and CounselingEthics and BioethicsFetal InterestsOrgan Donation and TransplantationThe Process of DyingPhysician-Assisted SuicideReproduction PatientsChildren as PatientsCoronary Artery Disease and Practice GuidelinesDomestic Violence PatientsGeriatric PatientsOncology PatientsBrain-Injures PatientsPatients with Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection and Acquired Immunodeficiency SyndromePain ManagementOccupational Health LawPublic Health LawSports MedicineForensic Use of Medical InformationForensic PathologyPsychiatric Patients and Forensic PsychiatryLEGISLATIVE AND BUSINESS ASPECTS OF MEDICINEPractice Organizations and Joint VenturesCoproviders and Institutional PracticeLiability Exposure Facing Managed Care OrganizationsPhysician as an EmployerHealth Professionals and the Regulated Industry : The Laws and Regulations Enforced by the U.S.Food and Drug AdministrationTelemedicine and Electronic MailHuman Experimentation and Research.



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AUTEUR Sandy Sanbar
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DATE 05/03/2020

Legal Medicine provides an international forum for the publication of original articles, reviews and correspondence on subjects that cover practical... Medical jurisprudence or legal medicine is the branch of science and medicine involving the study and application of scientific and medical knowledge to legal ...