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The Age of Anxiety

A former rock star disappears on the Cumberland moors. When his wife finds him, she discovers he has become a hermit and a painter of apocalyptic visions. An art dealer has drug-induced visions of demonic faces swirling in a bedstead and soon his wife disappears, nowhere to be found. A beautiful Irish girl who has stabbed her father to death is determined to seduce her best friends husband. A young composer begins to experience aural hallucinations, expressions of the fea and anxiety of the people of London. He constructs a maze in his back garden. Driven by passion and musical ambition, events spiral out of control — good drugs and bad drugs, loves lost and found, families broken apart and reunited. Conceived jointly as an opera, The Age of Anxiety deals with mythic and operatic themes. Hallucinations and soundscapes haunt this.. novel, which on one level is an extende meditation on manic genius and the dark art of creativity.



ISBN 9781473622944
AUTEUR Pete Townshend
FICHIER The Age of Anxiety.pdf
DATE 01/05/2020

Anxiety doesn’t necessarily get worse with age, but the number of people suffering from anxiety changes across the lifespan. Anxiety becomes more common as people get older and is most common among middle-aged adults. This may be due to a number of factors, including changes in the brain and nervous system as we age and being more likely to experience stressful life events that can trigger Age-Related Anxiety, or What Should I Have Done …